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1Password for Teams | Password Manager Review

1password 1password for teams 1password for teams review 1password review 1password teams best password manager password manager tech Jun 16, 2021

If you run a small business, or maybe even a side hustle where you and a couple of other people are working on something, and you need to share passwords, then take a look at 1Password for Teams which coincidentally has a huge discount on it right now. 


Hi my name is Pete Matheson, and I am on a mission to secure your digital lives, so if you're looking to stay safe online, perhaps the odd Apple vs Android debate, reviews on the latest gadgets or just wanting to be smarter with your money - then please head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for more.

One issue you have when starting a side hustle, or your own business when you first get going, is that you probably need to share information with other people. Information like passwords and maybe even debit or credit card information, and outright, I'll just say this now - you shouldn't be using just, online chat, or email, Facebook or anything like that to share that information, because you will be that unlucky person one day who wakes up and discovers that your account has been hacked, you've spammed all of your friends with a dodgy link, and well, your access to your online accounts, email, credit card data - it's all just gone.

So in this post we're going to run through how to fix that and make sure it never happens.

Before we find out how to secure yourself, your business, side hustle, or small team of staff, there is just one really important thing that I'd like to ask you to do.

That is to head over to the video for this post, find the like button down below the video somewhere, click it, leave a comment too, and if we get to what, I dunno? 1000 likes? I will pick someone in the comments and gift you a team's license for you and one other person - absolutely free, and all you have to do is click the like button, and be subscribed.



Now I have already made a tonne of videos around password managers, comparing them, doing some deeper dives into some specific ones so I won't go over the reason why I like 1Password so much - instead, you can just go and watch the videos which I'll link below this post to fill you in.

1Password, in my opinion, is one of the very best password managers out there. It's secure, has zero trackers in it - compared to LastPass having 7 trackers, including a marketing tracker in there too! It works on everything on any device from any location, and it's really secure. You can set up 2 Factor Authentication, which is like those sites that ping you a text message or ask you to enter a code before logging in, and you can also use it with one of these special Yubikeys, which is a physical key to your digital front door.

So in this post I just wanted to touch on 1Passwords Teams offering - it won't be a long one, but it's worth sharing all the same.

Between their Personal Subscriptions, the Family subscription, their business and enterprise offerings, and now Teams - there's a lot of options.

So why would you get 1Password for Teams? Well, typically it's because you have colleagues with who you want to securely share information. Duh.

But why wouldn't you go straight to the 1Password Business tier?

Good question - let's dig deeper. First up - 1Password Teams is cheaper than Business - at $3.99 instead of $7.99 per user per month. That's like - halves as cheaps!

Secondly, it doesn't come with what some could say the more 'enterprise' features. And no that's not a star wars reference. Yes, that was me seeing if I can trigger anybody who gets annoyed because the word enterprise would actually be related to Star Trek and not Star Wars and now I've just pointed out how much of a huge nerd I am, but I digress.

1Password Teams doesn't come with more advanced security where you can prevent people accessing from other countries and doesn't give you as much granular control over who can see what passwords, and also it has none of the 'big business' stuff which is where it will hook into big company networks.

But what it does have, is still plenty for most of us muggles who are trying to start that side hustle so you can leave your secure jobs and, become a YouTuber.

It works on any device. Mac, PC, Android, Linux - all of the things.

You can store unlimited passwords, credit card, and bank info, and even gives you 1Gb per person of secure storage for documents. Maybe passports or insurance documents which might be neat if you don't already have something like a proper Google Drive account.

You can secure everything with 2-factor authentication, or the Yubikeys which I mentioned earlier - Video link here.

You get actual, good support from a company who genuinely care for their customers and want them to have a pleasant experience when using their software.

This is actually something that I wanted to talk about sometime, but I was on a video call with 1Password a couple of months ago, whilst I'm on my quest to get them to sign up as a proper sponsor for this channel, and they basically spent an hour telling me about how they look after their clients, look after their staff, and genuinely, I don't think there were any discussions around some of the 'others' whose name we shan't speak of, who were only really interested in conversions and ROI as well as more data-driven around the numbers.

Personally for me - I like working with nice people who genuinely care. Not those who just run things by the numbers and don't care who gets hurt along the way.

So yeah, big check in the 'Nice people' box for 1Password, haha!

Lastly with 1Password for Teams you get 5 guest accounts where you can share passwords to people outside of your bubble. Bubble. That's one of those words that I'm sure none of us want to hear again for a very long time eh? 

Anyway, that pretty much sums up 1Password for Teams in a nutshell.

The reason why I'm making this post is that they currently have a REALLY good discount for their Team's offering. So if you want to go and check out what that is - go and follow the link below and secure that side hustle!

🛒 Free 14-Day Trial - 10 Users of 1Password Teams plus 50% Off:

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