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Airpods, they don't fall out anymore!

accessories apple audio tech Sep 14, 2021

If you are having problems with your Airpods not staying in your ears - then you HAVE to check my top fix!

I've recently made a few videos around the Sony XM4's and the Pixel Buds because these Airpod Pros just don't stay in my ears. Until, today. 

Someone left a comment in one of those videos, saying that I should give some foam ear tips a go, I initially dismissed it. Mainly because they seemed expensive at $24, and because I've already tried all sorts of ear tips for the Airpod Pros, in an effort to get them to stay in my ears.

But then I thought heck, why not give these a try. They're on Amazon, so worst case they don't work and I'll send them back.

So I did, I bought a pack of 3 Medium ear tips, and oh my sweet goodness. 

These ear tips are made by Comply and are designed specifically for the Airpods Pro. They come in packs of 3 and that's either 3 of the same size for if you know what size you are, or one pack with all 3 sizes included, but they all cost the same price. There seemed to be a couple of different versions of them when looking around - so I'll link down below to the exact ones I bought for anybody who wants to try some for themselves.

Again - Zero risk as if they're crap, just send them back. Hah! Sounds like a kid's book.

I guessed that I'm a medium because it doesn't matter which size tips I use, the Apple fit test tells me they're the right size, so I bought a pack of 3 mediums.

You simply pull off the old ones, pop on the new ones, put them in, and give your head a shake or watch my video to see me give my head a shake, and see what happens!

They actually stay in!

After using these things for a couple of weeks now, I've tried everything with them. I've used them whilst on video calls, phone calls, whilst walking around and I've even used them at the Gym every single day for 14 days straight.

I have to say, I'm impressed. I didn't go the whole gym session without adjusting them at all. Without these ear tips, I was having to constantly adjust the Airpod Pros every single time I stopped what I was doing. So much so that it's actually become more of a habit than a necessity now.

The other bonus with using these tips is that the audio quality actually sounds better because of the better seal that you get when using the foam tips.

They're still not quite up to the Sony XM4's standard, which you can go and watch the video I made about if you're interested in how those compare to the Airpods.

Otherwise, if you want to buy a set of these foam tips for your Airpods then the link will be down description below. Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos like this!

🛒 Buy the Memory Foam Tips here:

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