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Beach Hut Desk Setup ft. the Apollo Pro from Ergo Desks

accessories business Sep 14, 2021

This is the Ergodesk Apollo Pro, and this, this, is not my house!

But before I explain what's going on here, today I'm going to run you through a quick setup of this desk before I give you a tour around what it looks like and its best features, and if you want to buy one of these Ergo desks for yourself there will be a link down below which gets you £10 off your very own.

For a better visual, it might be worth popping over to my YouTube channel to watch the video for this set-up and tour. 


The Apollo Pro is a sit-stand electric desk from Ergodesk, who are based here in the UK but do ship elsewhere, and from my own experience, they make really good quality desks but importantly, at really good prices too.

This desk is available in all sorts of sizes, finishes, and frame colours - but for this particular setup, we're using the most affordable 120cm x 80cm, with an Oak top and with a white frame as it is to fit into this really beautiful summer slash beach house which Pippa tells me has been used as a pub mostly during the lockdown. Nice.

This desk is currently £480 Excluding VAT or £576 Including VAT, and again, link in the description below to knock £10 off that and if you have any questions that I don't cover in this post, drop them in the comments down below and I'll do my best to reply to you.


Putting the desk together was fairly pain free, though I'll admit I really don't enjoy putting together flat pack furniture. I kept getting distracted by Pippa's lovely dog instead who kept popping his head in to play.

Even though they included some handy instructions saying do NOT use the wood screws and use the other ones provided, I still tried using the wood screws anyway so, yeah - go me!

Even as someone who's DIY skills are as good as my handwriting, I'm sure you'll be just fine to put this desk together.

Just a note from my own lessons learnt setting this desk up, open all of the boxes BEFORE you get started.

Whilst setting this desk up I also discovered that it would have been helpful to fit the cable tray earlier than I did, and also I forgot that we upgraded to the programmable memory version of the controls so ended up having to go back a few steps to fit those after I'd finished shooting the initial assembly.

But, once it's assembled it works so well.

The desk is rated to hold up to 100kg, which I think you'll really struggle to hit. It lifted me just fine and I'm just over 10 stone, and with the 100kg rating you could add another half of me again.

Or to put that in techie terms, you could hold almost 80 Apple Macbook Pro's on this thing, and it could still go up and down. Crazy! So this desk will be able to hold all of your things, your laptops, desktops, screens, monitor arms, books, plants, all the things, and still not struggle.


With the upgraded programmable controls, using this desk is really simple. Up to go up, down to go down, and 4 memory buttons which you can set by just pressing the Save button and then the button you want to save that to and you'll be able to tell it's saved by the desk making a noise.

Speaking of noise, the desk isn't any noisier than any other desk I've tested before and I've used these desks whilst mid-call and nobody has asked me what that weird noise was in the background, so generally no issues there.


One thing I did wish I bought for my own desk, was the cable tray because damn does it really make a difference. I never thought it was worth the money when seeing it online, but in real life, it's much bigger and can hold far more stuff than I thought it could. I also really like how they've implemented this system where you can swing the tray down for easy access, and once you're done just hook it back up at one of 2 heights.

Also if you are anything like me then I'd definitely recommend getting yourself a decent 8 or 12-way extension lead just so you can get away with as much stuff on the desk as you like, but only a single cable going down to the ground, as anybody with a standing desk will know, cable management can be a bit of a nightmare because it's got to work for both standing and sitting positions. Therefore fit as much as you can into that cable management tray and you'll keep your desk looking tidy.


I will be doing one of these videos every month where we'll be giving away a desk to someone in need. Perhaps they've been through the whole of lockdown and STILL haven't left their kitchen table, perhaps they're a small business who'd love a standing desk for one of their staff but can't quite afford it - Whoever YOU think should be next to get one of these desks, then head over to see the video, BOTH comment down below, and connect with me on LinkedIn so we can chat a little more.

There are some rules around this - it does need to be local to me, so you'll need to be in the Hampshire or West Sussex area in the UK, and this isn't a competition or anything like that. I just want to be able to give back a little, so make sure you're subscribed to the channel.

Thanks to Ergodesk for letting me do this. Don't forget the link below for £10 off your own order. If you're curious about other desks then go and watch THIS playlist which I've created of other electric desks. 

🛒 Get £10 off your first Ergodesk order:


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