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Ergodesk Autonomy Pro Review | The BEST UK Sit Stand Electric Desk of 2021

electric desk ergo desks home office office furniture work from home furniture Feb 26, 2021

With everybody in the world now working from home (there's a sentence that you thought you would never hear in your lifetime), I find myself, as many others do - questioning their workspace somewhat.

So I thought for this video, it would be a great opportunity to look at one of the best desks that I have come across in my hours of searching. I l started my search looking for a really great quality but affordable, electric desk.

Most of the options that were available whilst looking around were either super expensive, or really poor quality that couldn't support that much weight.

What I went with in the end was a desk from a UK Company called Ergo Desks. This the Autonomy Pro model, which currently comes in at £475 Excluding VAT.

Ergo Desks do have an even more affordable model, the Liberty, at £375 if you are looking for something at that price point.

If those prices float your boat - here's a link  that will get you a further £10 off your first order. This isn't a sponsored post, but I reached out to Ergo Desks to say that I'd like to make a video about their desk and to ask if I could offer any form of discount to viewers watching my video or reading this post, and that's what they came up with.

So this is the Ergo Desk Autonomy Pro, with a top of 180cm x 80cm, a walnut top and white frame, which comes in at that £475 price point for a great quality desk.

When I say quality, I mean one that is a good finish, sturdy, doesn’t wobble much at height, and importantly, can take an immense amount of weight from all my screens, laptops and those heavy intellectual books of mine. 

It's available in multiple finishes with sizes, as small as 120cm x 80cm, right up to my 180cm by 80cm top.

Weight wise, it can hold up to 130kgs - which means it could hold 7, nearly 8 of the Dell 49" Ultrawide monitors on it, or two of me!

What I'm getting at is that it easily holds my 49” Dell Ultrawide Screen, plus an additional Screen, plus my laptop, dock, monitor arms, books, and all the other miscellaneous bits that you need for a proper desk. So it's as capable as they come.

Today, I'm using it as a secondary desk, either for a working space, shooting my video's, or for when I'm on a video call and want to stand up, stretch the legs and get the blood flowing.

When it comes to features - as most electric desks do, it has programmable controls that lets you go home, to the standard sitting position, or two set heights that you can set to your preference, as well as being able to manually adjust up and down whenever you like.

This particular model also has an anti-crush feature which means that it won't squash anything that gets underneath it.

The desk will extend to 130cm tall, which is - REALLY tall and even at it's highest there is minimal wobble. After 2 years of ownership - there's nothing really of note to say about this desk - certainly no frustrations, and I’ve even dismantled it and moved it elsewhere, put it back together and it’s still just great.

I'm now so used to being able to go from sitting to standing at the touch of a button which is great, and I find it particularly good for phone or video calls when I find that standing up just helps me think better.

The only comment I would say is around cable management. Firstly, go to Amazon and buy a 12-Way power strip which you can screw into the bottom of the desk. That will make your life MUCH easier, and whilst you're there, also buy a cable tray.

You can get one from Ergo desk if you want the clean / OEM look, but personally I found £50 was fairly pricey when you can get much more affordable options.

With that said - if you are now finding yourself either permanently or semi-permanently working from home, then it may be worth considering this desk.

The fact it's electric means you won't be stuck in what might also be a pretty poor dining chair or Ikea chair all day - but that's a whole other video for another time. It's great for a healthy body and also great for the end of the day and when you have young kids who... generally come and touch everything on your desk. Because you can just tap a button and everything is instantly out of their meddling reach! Neat eh?

Anyway - If you want to buy your very own - then click the link here to get £10 off your order, and maybe speak to your boss and see if they'll cover the cost of the desk for you? That would be handy. Once more, this isn’t a sponsored post, they’re not paying me to say this stuff - I just .. am running out of things to talk about. So, I thought you should all read my post about a desk, because, It’s a desk. And it moves...yeah

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Thanks! Bye.

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