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Excluding Kids Youtube Channels From Your Video Campaigns

content Sep 30, 2019

For those of you running YouTube ads (which I’d highly recommend), you may have noticed that one of the big killers to your ad spend, are the kids YouTube channels.

I’m guilty of it – sometimes our kids watch YouTube, sometimes we leave the TV on and it’s just playing in the background. Playing, and playing, and playing, rolling so many ads in the mean time…

When you come to creating your own YouTube Video Ad Campaign in Google Ads, one of the first things you’ll want to do is exclude these kids channels to ensure you’re not wasting money on ad spend.

If you don’t, then 24 hours after launching your ad campaign you might see this:

Awesome! You think…. Until you check where your ads actually placed.

Yes, these are screenshots from our actual ad campaigns – these are very much lessons learnt in my real life here!

Sooooooooooo, yeah. You’ll probably want to exclude them.

Excluding Kids

Step1 – Exclude the YouTube Channels

To begin excluding the kids channels, firstly – open this list, provided by the guys over at

Kids YouTube Channels Exclusion List

In your Ad Campaign, go into Placements, Exclusions and then click on the blue pencil. Click on ‘enter multiple placements’. Copy and paste the list and you’re done!

Step 2 – Exclude the Family Content Rating

At the Campaign Level Settings, exclude the ‘Content suitable for families’.


Step 3 – Exclude Common Kids Topics

In the video campaign, go to Topics, exclusions and exclude the following topics:

Baby Care & Hygiene
Children’s Literature
Family-Oriented Games & Activities
Nursery & Playroom
Babies & Toddlers
Baby Feeding
Baby & Toddler Toys
Baby Strollers & Transport


Step 4 – Exclude Family Keywords

For this one, go into the negative keywords for your Ad Campaign and enter in terms such as:


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