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How I Make my YouTube Videos

tech video editing youtube youtube editing youtube how to youtube setup youtuber Feb 23, 2021

I have been shooting YouTube videos for just over 2 years now, in fact it was October 16th in 2018 when I posted my first proper video. It was only really at the beginning of the pandemic last year was when I really started turning YouTube into a real source of income and treating it like a career path, though I'm avoiding the phrase YouTuber just for now. I went from 0 to 1,000 subscribers in around 1 year and then 1,000 to now over 7,000 in the second year and now I'm earning an income purely from these videos that is more than I earned each month at any of my previous jobs, including when I started my own business.

Over that short space of time, the stuff that I use for shooting my video's has changed a fair bit - and I keep getting asked the same questions; "what gear do you use to shoot your videos"?

So! Following up from my 'Ultimate Desk Mega Setup post and video', which if you haven't seen check it out here, I'm going to be flipping the camera over to the side of the room I use so I can talk a little bit about what I'm using behind the scenes to shoot all of the pretty stuff that you see right now. You can see the video for this post here


This is the new Sony A7SIII which was launched late 2020, shooting in Slog3, 25fps in 4K XAVC-S at 10-bit 4:2:2 colour. If that doesn't mean anything to you, then don't worry, that's about as technical as this is going to get!

On the camera I'm using the Sony 24mm F1.4 G Master lens which is incredibly sharp, though I'm shooting at around f2 or f2.8, unless I'm doing product reviews where I really want that f1.4 bokeh.

It's sat on a Manfrotto tripod with a Manfrotto head, but to be honest, I had no clue what I was buying when I picked those up and I just went with whatever the camera shop was trying to sell me that day. But it's a solid tripod, stable, heavy - good for just a fixed position.

On the front of this I'm using the GlideGear tmp 100 teleprompter - you may not know this but absolutely all of my video's in the last year and a half, have all been shot using a teleprompter. You find that shooting to script more than halves the amount of time it takes to shoot and edit these things. It's efficient, and I'm all about efficiency with my time.

Normally I use my wife's old iPhone 8 Plus in the teleprompter and then we use an App called PromptSmartPro which tracks your voice as you read through this thing. But what I also have is a small 8" screen. I can't remember the make and model but I'll make sure it's linked at the bottom. This thing is magic as I can actually use it to project a person onto the teleprompter screen. So if I'm doing a podcast, live video or webinar, I can talk straight to the camera whilst still being able to look at and see the person or people at the other end. It's really awesome, and I do that by simply hooking up a HDMI cable to my laptop and then dragging the screen over onto that one. There's a neat little hack for you right there.

So back to the camera, I have 3 things going in to this - firstly I have a false battery, because then I don't have to worry about remembering to charge batteries constantly. Then I have my Mic input, which is the Rode VideoMic NTG which I've rigged on top my top down camera rig which I'll get to in a moment. Then lastly I have the HDMI output from the camera going into the Ninja V monitor.

I used to record directly on this thing by slotting an SSD into the back, but since getting the new Sony A7SIII I'm finding that I'm getting better results and file sizes from recording directly to an SD Card that makes this almost redundant.

I say almost, as one of the nice features on the Ninja V is that you get a tonne of options to make sure shots are exposed properly but you can also apply a LUT which makes my footage look so much better when used for live streaming. I apply the LUT to the Ninja V, and then I come out of the Ninja V and into this other box, which is the Atem Mini Pro.

That's basically a 4 way HDMI switcher with some audio inputs, and this thing allows me to live stream without having to go through a PC or Mac. I can just hit one button  and it will stream directly to YouTube. But as this is a 4-way switch, it also lets me keep an eye on all of the camera inputs and audio levels that I have going on. Out of this box I go to a 27" Dell Screen which sits up on the shelf and gives me a way to monitor myself easily whilst shooting video's, checking focus and so forth.

That is the camera gear mostly dealt with. In terms of lighting I have a single Godox SL60W light which is behind an Aputure Light Dome Softbox. I do also have another SL60 and the Aputure Lantern.


Fiinally over to the overhead camera rig. I'm using a boom stand which again, I can't remember what it is but I'll link it in the description. This thing is solid, because you can add counterweights. I've just filled these up with sand so that it doesn't tip over, because over on the extended arm I've got a cage mounted, which normally holds the camera, the Sony A7III and the 16-35mm F4 lens, which is perfect for getting top down footage. Also attached to the cage is a magic arm, I think they're called, which I then hang the Rode VideoMic NTG from, and that just has a long extension cable that wires it into the camera.

All of this is shot over or above an Ergodesk Autonomy Pro electric desk which makes it incredibly easy to stand up if I need to, and I did a full review of that desk which I'll link below like always.


That brings us to the edit which is done one of two ways right now - because I recently hired an editor to help me get through the amount of content I'm producing at the moment.

I'll load all of the SD Footage onto my Mac and then either upload this to my Google Drive, where my editor will download the footage, or I'll load it straight into Final Cut Pro. I then spend the next couple of hours or so putting the edit together which involves cutting it, colour grading, titles - most of which by now I've templated so it's an easy drag and drop to get things ready to upload.

Lastly, I'll upload my footage to YouTube, spend some time on the SEO for the Title, Description and Tags. I create 2x Thumbnails which I then use a tool called TubeBuddy to split test continually to make sure my video's have the best chance at getting seen - a video I'm working on for next month so head over to my channel and subscribe for that by the way.

I'll then head over to order my Captions - again, link will be in the description below for where I get those for around $1 per minute of footage. I then schedule the video to go live for my next upload slot.

And that - is about it!

I hope that helps by giving you an insight into the hows, whats and whys of shooting these videos. Links will be in the video description below for anything that I've mentioned in this video and if you have any further questions around the process or tools or anything like that, then get in touch and ask away.

I'll also be posting a few more video's around some of those tools that I've used so head over and  subscribe if you want more of that stuff. Thanks for reading!

🛒 Sony NEW Alpha 7S III

🛒 Sony FE 24 mm f/1.4 GM

🛒 GlideGear TMP 100

🛒 8" Screen

🛒 Rode VideoMic NTG

🛒 ATOMOS Ninja V Monitor 🛒 ATEM Mini Pro

🛒 Godox MS Studio Strobe (Godox SL-60W)

🛒 Aputure Light Dome Softbox

🛒 Electric Sit & Stand Desk:

Optimise your videos: Captions:


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🔸 Shotgun Mic:

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🔸 Vlog Tripod:

🔸 Gimbal:

🔸 Drone:

🔸 Studio Light:

🔸 Camera Backpack:

🔸 Recorder & Monitor:

🔸 Electric Sit & Stand Desk:​ ​

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