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The GaryVee Content Model

content Sep 19, 2019

Many people ask me how I possibly manage to put out so much content.

The constant barrage of blogs, video’s, podcasts, live streams, LinkedIn posts, posts on other social media platforms – whilst also carrying out my daily duties of running my own business.

What this article will tell you, is just one of the methods I’m using to help me do just this.

It takes lots of effort, yes. I do spend pretty much my whole life on my phone – yes. But I’m willing bet that I do more than most business owners would care for.

There are no hacks, there is no cutting corners – ultimately, if you out the work in, the results will come out.

The content model that all businesses (in my opinion) should design their marketing efforts around, is the GaryVee content model, by Gary Vaynerchuk.

It’s one that I’ve actually seen crop up on a number of prolific social media marketeers blog posts, or LinkedIn articles, all seemingly touting it as their own clever idea. When it is very far from their own.

The model stems from one simple idea;

Create long form content and repurpose it into multiple formats to create anywhere from 10 to 100 pieces of micro content.

Using this, you could take one hour long keynote presentation and video it, then turn it into:

  • Podcast
  • YouTube Video
  • Short micro video clips to post on all social media channels
  • Long form blog post or article
  • Short form / micro blog posts or articles
  • Newsletter article
  • The list goes on!

We’ve been following this process for the last 12 months, and can definitely see that it’s working. Ultimately, as above – you must put the time in, to get the rewards out.

Some thought has to go into what content you will be pushing out. I’m still very new to this, and I’m testing as I go to see what content works, and what doesn’t.

Watch the slides below which explains the process.

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