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TOP Black Friday Tech Deals in 2021

tech Nov 28, 2021

Black Friday is here once again, and in this post, I'm going to take a look at my favourite, Black Friday discounted tech for this year, but what I'm actually going to do is make sure that the deals I find, are actually deals.

Because some cheeky retailers just hike the price up before black Friday, so that when it does come around, they just knock 50% off to bring it back down to a 'normal' price.

What I'm also going to do is only talk about products that I genuinely like, own, and use regularly. These black Friday videos and posts you see online are basically just a cash grab, people will just post whatever links make them the most money in affiliate commissions.

But - If you don't know already, there's an excellent website called CamelCamelCamel which can show you the historic price changes for Amazon products, so I'm going to cross-check the prices on there. And then we'll also check some other retailers to see what deals they've got.

Now I kind of follow a bit of a silly rule with black Friday. I'm a buy now, worry later kinda person. So if I see a good deal, I'll typically buy them straight away so I don't miss them. And then I'll think about it overnight, the next day, and if I change my mind, I'll just send it back.

One more caveat, these deals are obviously time-sensitive. So if they're gone, they're probably gone until next year. Some of them might yet be available at the time of posting this but keep checking in throughout black Friday and Cyber Monday - And with that said, let's begin!

Oh and if this brings you any joy, whatsoever, maybe consider subscribing to my YouTube channel so I can continue making these sorts of videos and posts for you.

On with the discounts! I'll link everything in the description below to jump you straight to them, for those time-sensitive offers.


Firstly, let's talk about the actual Amazon devices. I'm not a huge fan but there are some that I use every day.

First up is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max - I bought it myself, with a black Friday discount.

It's £36.99 in the UK. It's pretty new, launched on September 9th 2021, and this, in my opinion, is pretty much one of the best tv sticks that you can buy and plug into any TV you own.

It's a great price, I've got about 4 of these in our house, they're great.

Similar thoughts around their Echo Dot and Echo Show 8 devices, they're basically the lowest price you'll get them for right now.

Also, I had some emails appear in my inbox which looks really good to me if you're in the market for them.

Amazon Music - you can get 3 months for free.

If you buy an Echo Dot 4th, Gen, you also get six months of Amazon Music for Free.

For Audible, you can get 3 months Audible membership for 99p. So I'll link down below along with some books that I always recommend to anyone who will listen to me.

There are also some Prime Video deals there too, which I'm not so keen on personally - but yeah. Nice overall!


Over to the Samsung G9 - I've got the newer version of the G9 Neo here.

To my US Audience, if you go to Samsung Direct, you can get something like 500 bucks off this one. THAT is a great deal - I mean it's still a very expensive monitor. But I love my G9 Neo. The picture quality is great - but also the older G9 Model is on discount, which, is OK providing you don't get a dodgy one, but that's now down to £999, which is again the cheapest it's been on Amazon. That's an incredible monitor, the 49" ultrawide, the 1000R curve, just absolutely beautiful. The only thing I'd recommend also is getting the ergotron stand, which isn't available on the black Friday discount.


Oh, also the LG C1! Damn. The price for the 55" model is basically the same as I paid for the 48" model now. That's really errr, good - I mean annoying but good! If you want an incredible TV then take a look at that C1. I still have mine and use it every day. Everything, and I mean literally everything on there looks SO sharp and good. Xbox Series X, Beautiful. PS5, Beautiful. Netflix. Incredible, and I'm so stingy I haven't even paid to upgrade my Netflix to the 4k UHD Subscription! hah.


BackBlaze, the computer backup service that won my last comparison with all the online backup services - currently has 50% off (Offer code: blazeon21). From what I've seen Backblaze rarely offers any form of discounts on their services, and the 50% off deal will take it from $7 per month to just $3.50 per month, $70 per year to $35 per year, or $130 down to $65 for 2 years, which are all insanely cheap prices to pay for unlimited storage and to back up your computer, or your laptop, to protect all of your files from ransomware, corruption or something like accidental deletion where you delete something and don't realise before it's too late and it's totally gone. I use it on my own Mac along with Backblaze backing up my NAS drive too, it's a really good service. A big believer that everyone should be backing up their computers in case all hell breaks loose some time.


Now I use the Honeywell Evohome in my house right now, but actually, if I was to start again, I'd be giving these guys a try. I had Tado in my previous house, and only had to get rid of it because, at the time, they didn't do individual control over individual radiators and rooms in the house, it was just one massive zone like you have on most normal houses.

But these are again, genuinely discounted, and the product looks to have only gotten better and better over the years so I'd jump on that if you were looking to smartify your home heating systems.

SONY WF-1000XM4's

Oh damn - these things are a great price! The Sony WF-1000XM4's I tested earlier this year, and have by far the very best noise cancellation across all other headphones that I've tested. Genuinely! For £199 they're a great price as they're normally £250. The cheapest price before this according to Camel Camel Camel was around £225 in July, So this is really cheap.


The Flymo Robobow, or rather they're now calling it the EasiLife - is a great buy if you have grass in your garden. Honestly, buy this. They're incredible. I've had one for the last like, 5 years, and I've never had to cut the grass since. It's currently £492, whereas camel camel camel says, £520 was the lowest price. So again, this is a really good price!

You basically lay a wire around the edge of your garden, and then the mower will bounce off the wire, turn in a random direction, and cut just the tiniest blade of grass every day. It mulches down into the ground, you don't even notice it, it feeds the grass and you basically get a much healthier looking lawn. Huge love for these things! I think I paid over £600 for mine so that is a bargain!


Ring also have some good discounts going on - I'm really tempted to test out their security system, alarm and camera stuff - I have the Ring doorbell, but I just can't get over replacing a hard-wired alarm system which I've made smart, with a totally wireless system. But I'll be honest, at that price I am really, really tempted to see what it's like! I guess I should follow my own rule of buy now and pay later here...


For smart lighting, I use a tonne of Philips hue. The LED strips are much cheaper than they've ever been. Kind of annoying since I literally just bought some for some of the desk setups we've done recently, but they're good strips. So it's worth grabbing a few of whichever hue lights you're interested in.

But actually, I didn't buy any Philips hue this time around. What I did buy was 2 of the Govee Glide. Now, these are actually more expensive on Amazon so I'll link down below from where I bought them from which was the cheapest they've been before. But I'm planning on making a few small changes to my room over Christmas and I think they'll do what I want them to do. But yeah, Govee seem to do a range of high quality LED lights, which are cheaper than Philips hue, so maybe go take a look at those before buying the hue. Or, maybe following my rule of buy now worry later, buy them both and then figure it out when they turn up! haha


Oculus Quest quickly, and the Anker Charging dock is also extremely cheap! It's like 25% off. So if you have an Oculus Quest 2, I have mine sat behind me, I still have the dock right there. So grab one of those if you want somewhere to easily store and charge your quest headset and controllers. Also just an FYI, but VR Cover also has up to 70% off on their site so I'll link to that below too.


Apple Watch - is the cheapest it's ever been before on Amazon. £279 For the Series 6, 44m and this was previously £308, before that £316, before that £345, so it's been dropping gradually for black Friday.

Love my Apple watch.

Ohh speaking of which, I also just re-bought the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and I ended up getting £75 off for black Friday. Plus I also had a 20% discount from my Vitality health insurance, which brought it to just £140. Insane! Once again a huge benefit of having Vitality health insurance. If you're in the UK - link down below for that and I think we both get something like £50 or £100 of vouchers when you use that link, so feel free to use that.


Oh also for Mobile phones: The OnePlus 9 Pro is down to it's cheapest. Very good price, very good phone. That's probably the one I remember the most about in all the phones I've looked at this year, I think it surprised me the most given that OnePlus I always saw as this budget, lower quality range - but it's nothing like what I thought.



Restream, which is what I use to live stream videos - I don't do it often but I still do it, Restream is currently 50% off from the 25th to 29th November. If you use my link below you get a further $19 off!

So that takes a $490 annual subscription, down to $226

Also kind of linked to Restream, is eCamm which is live streaming software for your Mac. That is 40% off for their annual subscription for the life of their subscription from the 27th to the 29th November. I actually use eCamm to record all my course video content for my IT coaching course - it's really good so I'm a massive fan of that software too.


Random one here, but if you have a Wordpress Website - then you can get an insane discount at my favourite wordpress host. WPEngine. It's where I host all my wordpress websites, it's the service we resold to our clients when I ran my IT Business. It's SO good.

And you can get 5 months free on their annual plan!

So that's about it in terms of my favourite tech for Black Friday discounts.

This post will probably only stay up for a week or so for when all the deals go, so grab them whilst you can - subscribe to the channel if you like tech, and I'll see you in the next post!


🛒 Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial: 

🛒 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max: 

🛒 Amazon Music 3 Months Free:

🛒 3 Months of Audible for 99p: 

🛒 Samsung Odyssey G9: 

🛒 Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo: 

🛒 Buy LG C1: 

🛒 50% off on BackBlaze: (Offer code: blazeon21)

🛒 Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit: 

🛒 Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones: 

🛒 Flymo EasiLife: 

🛒 Ring Alarm 7 Piece Kit: 

🛒 Govee Glide: 

🛒Oculus Quest 2: 

🛒 Anker Charging Dock: 

🛒 Apple Watch: 

🛒 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: 

🛒 OnePlus 9 Pro: 

🛒50% + $19 off Restream: 

🛒 40% off annual subscription eCamm: 

🛒 Get 5 months free on an annual plan with WPEngine: 

🛒 Sign up for Vitality:

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