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Where Should I Host My Video Content?

tech Aug 19, 2019

Wondering where you should be hosting your video content, to then embed in your website?

This one is for you!

These are of course my opinions, but I only really have 2 sites that I ever host my videos on.


YouTube is my go to for most video content. It does have a number of drawbacks, in that you can’t control the branding and how the video looks once embedded on your website, but it does help improve your google rankings (because who own’s YouTube? Google!) and since YouTube is the worlds #2 search engine, why wouldn’t you want your video’s on their platform?


Vimeo is my other go to platform, for when I want control. Many website you visit will have Vimeo video content embedded, but you won’t know it. Because there are no tell-tale signs, no Vimeo branding. You can style the play / pause / volume controls, stop people making it full screen – you basically control the entire experience.

This is something that YouTube doesn’t allow at all, and has no signs of it being even on the table in the future.

In Summary

For professional content which you want to embed on your website, It’s Vimeo every time. You might also want to upload these video’s to YouTube, because as the worlds Number 2 search engine – it’s a no brainer to ensure your content is being seen.

If you produce a lot of video content, then create your own channel on YouTube and grow your subscribers – which in turn can turn into it’s own business in itself!

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