IT and MSP Business Owner, Coach, Content Creator and Entrepreneur


Pete Matheson is a serial operating entrepreneur and enjoys getting stuck-in to challenges of all sizes. 

Not a Business Coach is his MSP IT Business Coaching service, where he works with IT Owners of MSPs across the globe, helping them to overcome challenges and achieve their business goals.  

Pete also runs a fast growing YouTube channel, where he shares videos around technology, business, and finance. 

Continuity Video is a company Pete co-founded with other like-minded business owners, who focus on providing Video services to MSP Businesses worldwide to help grow their brands. 



Pete's journey began in 2011, when he started Tekkers IT Solutions. He had 3 months worth of savings and a backup plan to fall over to if he failed. 

Thankfully it never reached that point – because in his very first year of business he turned over £75k with a profit of £25k.

From there it grew, adding staff one by one whilst adding customers. Moving into new offices numerous times as the business grew. But of course - he also dealt with all of the problems that come with running a business over the years – which Pete happily shares across his social platforms!

The first few years were of course tough, but as he established his business, Tekkers IT Solutions, as one of the South’s top IT providers, he decided that a change of focus was in order.

Pete sold Tekkers IT Solutions at the beginning of 2020 whilst it was consistently turning over more than £1.2m in revenue.

He openly shares that he hasn't got all of the answers, but he has experience of successfully starting a business from nothing, with no investment, always turning a profit and building the brand of one of the South Coasts best IT providers. 

As part of growing his business, he stumbled upon Video Marketing, which over the years grew the business's brand and his own personal brand.

Combine this with the over saturation of self proclaimed ‘business coaches’ who seek to charge for very basic advice, when they have little to no proof that they can run a successful business themselves, Pete began helping other IT business owners with their business challenges. 

Pete continues to create content for his YouTube channel, to a growing audience of Tech, Business and Finance enthusiasts, as well as actively co-founding and building a video marketing agency which was founded in early 2021.